Clear & creative thinking.

Need Clarity Creativity in
your marketing strategy?

Paula Morris runs PM Marketing, leading client relationships and drawing together creative teams tailored to suit each project.

Previously responsible for marketing and communications at Cardiff Airport, Capital Law, Sigma 3 and HSBC, she communicates clearly, sorts out strategies, revitalises brands and makes wonderful websites.

Web content, press releases and brochure copy… she’s a particular perfectionist when it comes to prose.

Brief Paula with your challenge and goals, then let her and her extended team of professionals plan, create and deliver successful brands, marketing strategies and communications campaigns to achieve your objectives.

Creating happy customers

planning & strategy

    Her major achievement was in leading a major re-branding project.

Retail Sales leads increased by 9% in the first 9 months.

Footfall improved in 8 of the 11 showrooms and Average Order Values went up by 7%


Mike Broomhall, former Retail MD, Sigma 3 (Kitchens) Ltd.


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